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Introduction » Articole de unica folosinta » Capeline CZ albe de unica folostinta


Capeline CZ albe de unica folostinta


Product no.: Clip-White CZ capeline
Parametru 1: Packing: 100pcs - 1 box
2.500 ,-€
PRET without Tax : 2.500 ,-€
PRET including Tax (20 %):
3.000 ,-€

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Capeline albe de unica folostinta


  • disposable cap
  • colours: white
  • polypropylene
  • ø 53
  • Size: UNI


  • capelină de unică folosinţă
  • culori: alb
  • polipropilen
  • ø 53
  • Mărime: UNI
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