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Manusi de protectie / Manusi antitaiere AERO


13.020 ,-€

PRET 13.020 ,-€


7.634 ,-€

PRET 7.634 ,-€

6.190 ,-€

PRET 6.190 ,-€

12.270 ,-€

PRET 12.270 ,-€


4.771 ,-€

PRET 4.771 ,-€


4.890 ,-€

PRET 4.890 ,-€


AERO®NitroSand coating is a special sandy finish nitrile double coating provides an excellent grip, whether in dry, wet or oily application, good dura -bility and strong protection. The first nitrile smooth coating is non breathable (total oil, liquid and air barrier) and the second surface coating is designed to increase the friction between the glove and objects to ensure excellent gripping. Double coating eliminates the strenght impacts, but also insulates the hands from hot or cold objects